Lapeyre really allows us to take things to a whole new and incredible creative dimension. From managing communications materials to multichannel and logistical management, every achievement pushes the boundaries of our professions until there is only room for the best. And of course, since everything in this story begins with a drawing, we’d like to show you a broad outline here.

Are we on?

90 annual DM initiatives

Lapeyre publishes 7,500 catalogue pages every year, as well as 8 waves of POS advertising and leaflets and 10 poster campaigns. Paper obviously represents only the tangible part, since there are also the ever-present web and video-based initiatives. And of course, with 130 stores, you can imagine the logistical issues we might encounter…

150 editions produced
2500roughs annuels
3000m2 of 3D editing
a year

We’re on!

The solution: our Make & Share solution. After the creative stage comes the process industrialisation stage, and with 900 ambiences and 1,200 pack shots shot in 2 months, the workflow is just as phenomenal as the need to optimise costs.

Yes !

Our dedicated team has never been so flexible, with somewhere between 15 and 23 members, including creative talents, photographers, printer managers, project managers, computer graphics designers, video-makers, stylists and logisticians, depending on the needs of the project in question.