Managing all of the Intersport communications materials is not for the faint-hearted. No, we’ve had to train hard and develop our processes over the years, basically, we have become caught up in the game.

On paper

6000 communications materials

Between publishing, POS advertising, poster campaigns, direct marketing and web initiatives, not to mention photography, retouching, logistics and more, all involving various local adaptations, we soon established a model that worked.


17000 displays every year
17-26 POS advertising designs per initiative

On the ground

The solution? A dedicated team of 6 people that has proven to be a true driving force and a valuable source of solutions, not to mention systematic optimisation thanks to our e-solutions. The result? Support right where it’s needed, all year long.

Thank you

20 years’ collaboration with Intersport! It may have aged us a little, but it does reassure us that we are doing things right.